【PA-1】 A Development for KPMG and Revision of related Law for Application
KPMG : Korea Project Management Guideline
9月5日  13:10~14:10    [招待講演] Technical  
 講師 Vice Chairman of KPMA, CEO of Pmglobal in Korea Kim, Hyung Do
 セッション概要 Project Management(PM)in Korea commenced for domestic and abroad projects in the 1970s. As we recognized the importance of PM in the 1980s including government owned and private company, we showed more interest and made a lot of improvements to this day. All tasks for governmental and enterprises tend to push forward with the project and most projects consist of technology itself and the management skill. The goal of project is achieved by harmonization of technology and its management. However, there is no Korean style PM guideline like advanced countries: the United States, England, and Japan. With the announcement of ISO 21500 in 2012, the government has announced KS A ISO 21500 as a national PM standard and presented an implementation guide. But the government and most companies are reluctant to organize and operate PM work in accordance with national PM standard, and need more detailed guidance on current implementation guideline. Therefore, KPMA (Korea PM Association)decided to develop KPMG (Korea PM Guideline)which can systematically and efficiently carry out PM according to national PM standard and also we need to revise the law related to apply the PM with somewhat coercion. In future, we will be able to carry out projects internationally with a competitive advantage through the enhancement of PM capabilities according to PM legislation. I would like to share the current status for KPMG development with PMAJ.
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Mr. Kim, Hyung Do
Vice Chairman of KPMA(Korea Project Management Association)/ CEO of PMglobal, Republic of Korea(Education for PM and Consulting for PM System Establishment)/ Adjunct professor of Hanyang university. PMP®. PMI®.